Risk Dashboard

Risk Dashboard is essential for risk management to get a consolidated view of risk across an institution, allowing management timely insights for decision making. Ability to see data across various dimensions and ability to drill-down from top to bottom (and consolidate from bottom to top) is integral for risk management and reporting. Data for risk management often resides in multiple systems making it difficult to get an integrated view of enterprise risk. Risk Dashboard also acts as a risk data warehouse, pooling data from multiple systems such as core banking, capital engine, rating systems, ALM software, Transfer Pricing Software etc.

Asymmetrix Risk Dashboard is a dashboard and reporting platform for gaining insights for managing credit risk, concentration risk, liquidity risk, market risk, operational risk and for ICAAP. The dashboard offers a single aggregated view of exposure to a counterparty across diverse systems, book types and product types. The dashboard comes with an array of standard reports with multiple data filtering and drill-down features. The dashboard may be integrated with Data Quality Module to ensure completeness and integrity of data used.

Asymmetrix Risk Dashboard

Comprehensive Coverage

With more than fifty standard reports, the dashboard provides a comprehensive view of various risk types.

Filtering and Drill-down feature

Slice and dice risk data using filtering and drill-down features. For instance, within group concentration report, the user may apply business unit filters to view Top Group exposures within a particular business unit. To analyze exposure on a particular group, the user may drill-down from group to customer level and from customer level to facility level.

Data Visualization Options

The dashboard provides multiple data visualization options. Reports are available in tabular as well as graphical view and more than thirty graph and chart types are supported.

Download Features

Data may be downloaded in multiple formats such as portable, spreadsheet, document, image etc.

Access rights

Different reports are accessible to users only on basis of their access rights and privileges. Individual report-wise access rights may be controlled.


Alerts and notifications may be triggered on basis of specific events such as breach of limits, Portfolio at Risk rates, rating downgrades etc.

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