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Data Quality Management framework is an important component of Basel II IRB Models and Systems to produce reliable and credible risk and capital estimates. Various data quality dimensions such as Data Completeness, Non-duplication, Accuracy, Consistency, Validity, Timeliness and Availability should be satisfied by Basel II data elements. Reconciliation between accounting data and data used for risk quantification and capital computation is important to ensure data completeness.

Asymmetrix GL and DQ Modules can be integrated with any other software where data completeness and data quality is of paramount importance. For instance, GL Reconciliation and Data Quality checks prior to regulatory and economic capital computation are essential to ensure reliability and auditability of output. DQ Module provides more than hundred standard technical and functional data quality checks for capital computation.

Asymmetrix GL and DQ Modules

GL Recon

Reconcile data used for capital computation and risk quantification with accounting data at GL and sub-GL levels.

DQ Module

With more than 100 standard technical and functional data quality checks, ensure that data accuracy, integrity and validity requirements are met.

Front-end DQ maker

Use front-end screens to create, edit and manage data quality checks.

Download Features

Download GL Recon and DQ Assessment report for audit purpose.

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